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Caroline Bosmans AW 14/15

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Caroline Bosmans

As a Mother of 4 kids, Caroline Bosmans (1976) has become passionate about children's fashion.  

She graduated from the fashion department SASK Sint-Niklaas.

In her collections, she likes to play with the boundaries between boys and girls, loves graphic elements and takes pleasure in injecting humour into her creations.

The collection AW 14/15 will be available worldwide and at Shan and Toad.


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Founded in 2010, NOCH is committed to designing beautiful, well-made, simple, yet sophisticated clothes for children. Soft on our children’s skin, only highest quality organic materials are carefully selected and transformed into NOCH’s collection.  NOCH’s creators believe that style and fashion forward attitude do not have to be sacrificed because we use only certified organic materials and low-impact dyes.  NOCH is located in New York City, is mostly made in New York City, and distributed around the world through local boutiques and our online store.

We are so excited to share the 2014 Fall preview, take a look at the collection below and leave a comment with your favorite pieces!

Misha Lulu AW14

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We have always been huge fans of Misha Lulu. We are ecstatic to share with you some images from their AW 14 Lookbook!  Enjoy!

"After our daughter, Bela's, three year obsession with spies and investigators we decided to create a collection based on that theme."

"Hardly working 9 to 5,

Solving mysteries all day long

and having fun every step of the way!

The rumors are true!

Misha Lulu is back in action to investigate all

your unsolved mysteries!"

  ACCESSORIES USED IN THE PHOTOS -Toy Headbands : email: -Bow ties, bows and hankies : -Legwear: -Camara pin:



-Toy Headbands : email:

-Bow ties, bows and hankies :


-Camara pin:

Harry's Room Tour- @littledwellings

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During the time in between having Georgie & Harry we started renovating our house. It was in the time that I discovered my love for Scandinavian design. 

We painted every room in the house white, including the baby's room (Harry's room).

So working with a blank white canvas I added some warmth to the space by painting a feature wall in a medium tone grey. Making a world of difference I then decided that I wanted to create a black, white & grey space for my little man. 

As time went on I added some small red coloured items to add a bit of colour. 

Some of Harry's favourite items in his room are the sne storage basket from Norsu, as he knows it houses all his toys, the La De Dah crochet floor rug where we sit and play & the My escape cloud bookcase. 

Harry's room is the place to be on a cold winters morning... The warm sun shines straight in! We are often found in there playing early in the morning as a family.

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Similar Crib here, 

Similar Crib here, 

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