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How many raisins does it take to put a mask on?

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Hello, I'm Annabel from annabel__g on Instagram. I've recently moved with my husband Sam and our son Kip out of London and I'm really chuffed to have been asked to contribute to Mini Style Blog. As Sandra from Miniwilla said, I don't write. I'm rubbish with words, but I like making pictures. This is about our recent fancy dress dramas.

Don't let that moustache fool you into thinking he's a master of disguise. He was bribed with a fat date in his mouth.

So with a 2 1/2 year old we have officially hit the fancy dress party season.

I love fancy dress (for him, not me) and I thought all kids love fancy dress. Not Kip. Just not really bothered yet. I thought I'd spend a couple of years trying to get him out of a Spiderman costume, not into one.

So I try and get him interested and we start off pretty good. We hunt around the house for props. We make up stories and we do drawings to just try and think of something other than another Bunny costume. That's all probably a bit more 'I' than 'we' actually.

Anyway that's generally what happens the day after the invite arrives. Then stuff happens, blah, blah, blah and I forget all about it. Around about until the day before. So we hunt a bit more and I try and find a black marker pen which actually works.

I don't want our costumes to be perfect, I want them to look like we made them together and even though it may have started out like that, it'll probably end with me making it on the living room floor, the night before. The handy thing about still having most of our belongings in boxes from moving recently is that there is a very large supply of cardboard.

The Bunny costume came first. The mask didn't make it past the party front door, but he still wants the bunny tail on his leggings, which gets me every time I see that bottom running across the playground.

Then came the Disco fancy dress. I admit it was all about his fab fluro vans. I was thinking breakdancer. Ended up more chav. So two hours before the party I made a cardboard visor, cardboard K gold chain and a cardboard Walkman. I thought it was so cool. The two year old did not and it was ditched on the dance floor.

Then there was a Pirate party. Kip wanted to be a Bunny Pirate. I like it.

And who doesn't love a Superhero party outfit? Oh, Kip doesn't.

Annabel 07.jpg

Every party follows the same game and there is generally a stripe involved:

So, costume ready. He's excited. Will he put it on?


Will he just put the bunny ears/visor/hat/mask on?




Sam runs around the room with the tea towel cape around his neck.

I really want a photo so I bring out the raisins. Then the dates. Mouthfuls. Cupfuls.

When the bribes run out, first off is the mask. Then the loo roll wristlet Superhero control panels. The cape is in danger. He goes to the party in wellies and a stripey tee. He looks like Kip. I love it.



Etsy baby

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Etsy has always been an online destination of choice for unique finds. 

Below are some of our favorite lines for our little ones.

Double Yellow Line

All of these garments feature hand-drawn original designs. Screen printed with non-toxic water based ink on locally produced organic cotton.

Good Boy Friday (not available on Etsy)

Good Boy Friday mixes traditional style with modern fabrics. Clothes are functional, comfortable and can easily be taken from the playground to Sunday school. The designs incorporate woven and knit fabrics with great sketchy graphics.

Fable Baby

At Fable Baby, the focus is quality, sustainability and simplicity. They select only the loveliest high quality organic and/or locally produced fabrics, which are hand screen printed and hand made into soft, snuggly garments for little ones aged Newborn to 2 years.

tops and leggings Fable Baby

tops and leggings Fable Baby


Vintage inspired baby clothes for girls and boys.

top and bloomers, mabelretro

top and bloomers, mabelretro

sunsuits, mabelretro

sunsuits, mabelretro

sunsuit, mabelretro

sunsuit, mabelretro

Brown Sugar Beach

Brown Sugar Beach is a handmade, high quality, modern kids clothing brand. Each item is thoughtfully designed and sewn by Kelsey, creator of Brown Sugar Beach. Everything you see has been passed by her daughters strict guidelines of comfort & wearability as well as her innate fashion sensibility.

top and bottoms, Brown Sugar Beach

top and bottoms, Brown Sugar Beach

top and bottoms, Brown Sugar Beach

top and bottoms, Brown Sugar Beach

A huge thank you to Tihanyi Photo for the beautiful photos.

Leopard & Confetti

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When my boy was 1.5 years old, he developed a little opinion about how we dressed him.  At first I didn't listen, hello, I'm the mom, I gave birth to him, it was my privilege to buy all those cute clothes and dress him up the way I wanted. It didn't take long for me to lose that battle. After a few weeks of kicking and screaming on the floor when I wanted him to wear something he didn't like, I gave in.
I still try to direct his wardrobe a little, but my husband keeps on buying all the superhero clothes he can find. And that's sort of okay.

So when my girl was born I made it crystal clear: she's mine. I'm dressing her in as many animal prints as possible and trying to avoid pink and flowers. She's starting to develop a little love for pink and princesses, but for now I'm still good and having fun. (Don't get me wrong, I love pink and flowers, just love neutrals and animal prints a little bit more).

You understand that when my friend, who just started her own online shop 'Pearls and Swines', asked me if I would like to put my girl in a leopard jumpsuit and have a little photo shoot for her grand opening, I didn't think twice. This non-opinion phase needs to be documented as often as possible!

Unfortunately my girl wasn't feeling it that day (she preferred my lap above the spotlight), but look at these other two gorgeous girls. We had so much fun!


(All clothes, dolls, blankets and garlands are available at

Skip Hop

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We are always looking for items that are affordable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.   Skip Hop is definitely one of our go to brands that cover it all.

"In 2003, new parents Ellen and Michael Diamant were a lot like new parents everywhere: overjoyed with the birth of their son, and overwhelmed with so many choices, so little time, and so few solutions that satisfied.

When they searched for a diaper bag that looked great and worked well, they found nothing. So they invented something.

Almost a decade and hundreds of products later, Ellen and Michael are still inventing “everything-in-its-place” solutions that are smart, functional and great- looking for overjoyed, busy parents like themselves.

Today, Skip Hop is a global brand recognized by discerning parents for innovation, great design and the highest quality in the baby products business."

Not only do our children love playing with their toys, we also love knowing that the toys our children are playing with are safe.  These toys encourage imaginative play, and unique learning adventures.

From play time, to snack time, Skip Hop has it covered.  The Zoo plates and Straw Bottles are necessities at our house.  The melamine is durable, dishwasher safe, and absolutely adorable which makes mealtime a lot more pleasant. 

My favorite thing about Skip Hop, is that you can get the modern, trendy feel at an affordable price.  I love that their line covers nursery decor, on-the-go, mealtime, bath time, and playtime.  There are also gorgeous diaper bags for mom and dad as well.  And do not get me started on the exclusive Jonathan Adler prints!!  

All in all, we love this line, and our children love this line.  It's a win win.

To see how Tinley and her family used Skip Hop's Central Park blanket on their picnic at The Arch.  Check out Fresh Art Photography's blog here.

Photography and Styling: Fresh Art Photography

Floral Pom Pom Garland: Paper White Designs

Tinley's Dress: Corby Tindersticks

Edyn's Room Tour- @mrsmann

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Hi I'm Keely and I live in Texas with my husband Mike and our three kiddos.. Ethan(13). Emersyn (11) and Edyn (5)..

We bought this house almost 9 months ago and we have been renovating ever since.. with still so much more to do! I am constantly changing, moving around, and switching up furniture.. But I think I finally have Edyn's room done.. for now anyway. :)

Welcome to her room.

Thanks so much for touring Edyn's room.. Now if we could just get her to sleep in there!!




Odette Williams

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We're always looking for quality basics for our children, and Odette Williams defintely tops our list because she offers playful designs and an exceptional fit. Designer, Odette Williams, is based out of Brooklyn, NY and she designs and has all products manufactured in the US. We love the simplicity of her product range, from basic lap tees and pants to fun apron sets. The quality and the craftsmanship as well as the attention to even the smallest detail is evident in the products we reviewed. Head over to see more products by Odette Williams, and her brand new website design. 

mini style blog 3.10.14 (16 of 168).jpg
mini style blog 3.10.14 (74 of 168).jpg


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"Urbanwalls provide individual expression and decorative embellishments for your home. Wall decals are the most stylish home decorative products on the market right now. A modern and creative way to decorate your wall and give a new look to your room without the expense and hassle of hand painting. 

 Precision-cut from sheets of vinyl, they boast incredibly precise lines, sharp corners and vivid contrast. Decals cling like pain and express the subtle textures of your wall. Available in matte finish and in a range of colour to suit your taste. "

We have all been huge fans of Urbanwalls for years.  I actually have actually had four different sets of their vinyls between my past and present home.  I love how easy they are to put on, how flawless they look, their modern and creative designs and how easy they are to take off.   My newest favorite design of theirs is the "I will love you....always and forever" script.  The minute I saw this design, I knew that it was something that needed to be in our new home. Our whole house is filled with white walls, which I love, but I also LOVE the power of a statement wall as well. 

Our bedroom has an attached sitting room connected to it that we sit in each night to read and hang out with Amelia before bed.  This is the room where we share those special moments together each day and unwind. This room is a symbol of the love we have for each other so I knew this would be the best place for the sentiment, "I will love you..."

Although the task seemed daunting, to fill an entire wall with a decal, it wasn't.  Urbanwalls are created to ensure easy installation and sustainability.  This was a one night project that will bring years and years of added beauty to this room.