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 I  believe there is always something new to show, and details that we are currently using. I like the evolution from the last post. I created this space for my son, who is now two years and four months old. The idea was to create a fun place with geometric shapes using my favorite palette color of soft grey, blond wood, white and a touch of black.

Now every detail is functional and everything appears to be more organize but still fun. One of the toys my son really likes is the big silver ball, the wooden building blocks, and the chalkboard matrioskas. And one of the things I love most are the details of fish and jellyfish from the blanket and book.

The beautiful details would be the Hay gym hooks, the clothing rack, componibili bedside table, the eye print, and of course the plywood play-box.

Hope you can be inspire and create a fun place for your little ones.

- Ale


Macarons Winter 14/15

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Macarons is avant-garde Eco-Couture for babies and children from 0 -8 years. the young family-owned brand from stuttgart, Germany is pioneer in Eco-textile design according to the international Gots standard. macarons creates and develops all fabrics used for their innovative collections in Germany and switzerland.

Macarons’ production cycle is fully ecological and fair with tailoring ateliers in the south of Germany.
Clear timeless design, modern craftsmanship and the attention to details characterize the macarons collections. the precious unisex pieces for babies and children are always designed out of the per- spective of children to meet their needs of comfort and freedom. special structured surfaces in delicious multi-color combinations stimulate all senses.

Macarons constantly works with experts in Germany on new ways to improve and optimize their innovative Eco-textile creations. 

Have a look below at some of our favorite looks from their newest collection!

Cabbages and Kings AW 14/15

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Today we are sharing the Fall lookbook from Cabbages and King's newest collection. We discovered this gorgeous line last season and can't wait to get our hands on pieces from this season!

A little from their site:

The compelling color combinations and patterned designs of Cabbages & Kings evoke a sense of whimsical play suitable for the taste of parent and child alike.


"Customers will initially be drawn to the uniqueness of the line, but will ultimately be won over by the versatility and quality of each piece."

Cabbages & Kings is a strong supporter of fair trade and strives to build bridges between artisans of excellence and socially responsible consumers whenever possible.

All of our winter accessories are hand made by artisans that reside in the Andean Valleys of Peru and Bolivia 11,000 ft. above sea level. The artisans work in collaboration with a network made up of 14 community groups, churches and non-governmental organizations that work to strengthen the capacities of local, participating institutions and base communities.


Printable Fruit Garland from Mini-eco

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We love this garland from Mini-Eco – it’s super cheerful and perfect for a summer party. You will find  full instructions at the foot of the post and a link to the printables if you fancy having a go. 

- – – – – – – – – –
+ White printer card
+ String/thread
+ Sticky tape

- – – – – – -

1. Print out the templates (see below). Set your printing preferences to ‘photo’ or ‘best photo’.
2. Carefully cut around the fruit shapes.
3. Attach fruit to a length of string. You can thread them, stick them or peg them (with those tiny craft pegs).
4. Hang up garland!

Find the templates here