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Livia's Room Tour- @kirslivia

Megan Sanderson2 Comments

My name is Kirsten, I live in Holland with my husband Sander and our almost 9 month old daughter Livia.


On Instagram you might know me as Kirslivia. Interior is my biggest hobby, I'm always busy rearranging and finding new things for our home. I love design but I'm also a great vintage lover. In our home you will find both. A lot of inspiration I find on Instagram, It's great to see so many lovely pictures of interiors from all over the world.
When I was pregnant last year, we were so very happy. I was really looking foward to decorate the babyroom.


We knew we wanted this wallpaper immediately, boy or girl. It's from fine little day, I still love it. And our daughter loves it too. When she was just a few days old, she just kept looking at it. And when she was crying and I showed her the wallpaper she got very calm. The rest of the room we kept white, to bring some balance.


We knew we wanted locker cabinets, we found them online. They are secondhand, because they don't sell them anymore at Ikea. Besides prints I'm addicted to postcards and posters, we've got them everywhere :) I especially love "seventytree' prints. I'm a big online shopper, I buy most of our accessories online. In a dutch webshop you can find great kidstoys.


Most of Livia's toys are from there. I bought the rug at www.urbanoutfitters, I love their stuff.


Right now, Livia's room is great like it is, but I can't wait to start redecorating when she's a bit older. Than I want to make her a nice corner with a vintage kids-desk and chair. But for now we enjoy every day with her. She's growing so fast!


Maybe I will see you on instagram, feel free to take a look on my instagram feed; @kirslivia.