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Freddie's Room Tour- @freddiesfortune

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Hi. My name is Chieska, but most people know me as Chi. I'm an American living in London with my awesome husband and two gorgeous boys, Freddie (2) and Floyd (3 months).  I absolutely call this city my home, I can't imagine my life anywhere else. You can follow me and my family on Instagram (@freddiesfortune).


My two boys are my two little stars. I never thought I would have much of a ball as I do with my Freddie and Floydy. And with all the rad unisex clothes and brands available now, dressing them is the best part. 

Freddie's room is my favourite in the house, I probably spend more time in there than I do my own! Living in London, the biggest obstacle is the lack of space, so it was a challenge to create a cozy yet fun room. Pinterest and Instagram are my biggest sources of inspiration. Monochrome is currently the mantra of Instagram, and although I do love black as a base, I like to inject some colour where I can, to give the room a more vibrant bright feeling to match Freddie's personality. For example, I like his duvets to be a variation of black and white but instead of using wall paper, I added these colourful star decals for balance against the dark tones. I also added the DIY banner (of Freddie's favourite words) to give some flair to the white wall. 

Because of the small space, I added shelving and accessories that would accent the room and add a bit of dimension. 

My two favourite items in the room are also very personal. The Leals light box is beautifully made out of oak, and I had it customised with the words that perfectly describe Freddie and our life, taken from the poem by MaryAnn Cusimano. My other favourite piece is our HAM print. Not only is it lovely in its monochrome simplicity, to me it represents my own two little bunnies. 

Freddie is quite a book fiend, so I want to make sure there are plenty of book choices available to him. As he is a quarter Japanese, I also read Japanese books to him, in the hope that he retains some words! 

If you can't tell already, I'm a bit of a LUCKYBOYSUNDAY obsessive. You can find them scattered all about the room. They are just so beautifully made, and Freddie and I both love their quirky bodies and faces. They are, in a word, Addictive. 

My goals for Freddie room: stylish, comfortable, fun, colourful. Freddie likes to spend most of his time in his room and that makes me happiest of all. 


Bedding // Farg & Form, found on

Tomato Print // Fine Little Day

Toy Basket// Ferm Living

Leals Light Box// Molly Meg

HAM Print // Archie's Boutique


Wall Star Decals // Not On The High Street

"Freddie" Doll // Naked Lunge

Monochrome Weedo Doll //