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HI everyone! My name is Melanie from You Are My Fave, and today I get to share a little Easter DIY with you!

Sometimes finding graphic tees for my son that aren’t too cheesy or too expensive seems like an impossible task. I wanted him to have a cute tee for Easter and after my search turned out fruitless, I decided to create my own. Here’s how you can do the same.

What you’ll need:

- a cotton tee

- iron-on material (I like this kind from Cricut because it doesn’t leave a film) or fabric paint

- bunny boy download or bunny girl download 

You can make this shirt a couple different ways, by using iron-on material or creating a stencil and painting the design onto the shirt.

Iron-on method

Step one: download and print your bunny image of choice onto iron-on material. Make sure to print the mirror image and follow the instructions on your material so it turns out correctly.

Or, if you have a die cut machine you can upload it to your program and cut it directly from your machine.

Step two: Cut out image and follow instructions to iron the design onto the shirt properly.

Fabric Paint method

Step one: download and print your bunny image of choice onto card stock.

Step two: trace the design onto freezer paper and use a razor blade to directly cut out the negative space to create a stencil.

Step three: iron the freezer paper onto your shirt, waxy side down.

Step four: use fabric paint to stencil the bunny onto the shirt. Peel away freezer paper when paint dries.

After I completed the tee my son raised the tone of his voice to say, “bunny, cute!” so I’m going to call my first diy tee attempt a success.

Design: Kirsten Bingham