James Fox Co.

When our style contributor, Karla Quiz, revealed to us that she would be designing a chic line of maternity gowns, we had no idea we would be so floored by this gorgeous collection! 

James Fox Co. was ­­­­­­birthed from Karla’s own introduction to mamihood. As a first time expectant mother, she had no idea what was to come during the delivery process. She anticipated a challenge, but the image of holding France (3yr) just as she entered this world, painted a glorious picture. Unfortunately, nothing went according to plan. France suffered complications and was not handed to her mother at birth, but rushed suddenly to the NICU.

Karla remained at the hospital with her but was unprepared for the extended stay. She wore the same, faded, scratchy hospital gowns for all the nursing and precious bonding visits with France. Karla could not have anticipated any of the feelings of defeat and  powerlessness that came from all aspects of her birth experience, but what she found the most surprising was her overwhelming need to feel comfortable and feminine in what she was wearing.

Fast forward to the birth of Karla’s second born, Fair (1yr). This time, even Karla’s best efforts failed to prepare her for an even more traumatic labor and delivery. Nothing she put on made her feel beautiful or at home as she nursed, healed and welcomed loved ones. 

Months after Fair’s birth, Karla knew she wanted to create something that could serve both as a simple comfort in the midst of the unexpected or a quiet reminder that a mother is also a woman. It had to be practical as well; hospital approved, allowing for all the important steps in the labor and delivery process.

Karla knew that during such a sensitive time, there are few things that surpass the need for a new mami to feel beautiful, feminine and completely at ease.

Not only is James Fox Co. amazingly stylish, they are committed to helping others. Each purchase  helps a mother in Uganda deliver her baby. Read more on that here.

James Fox Co. gowns are available for purchase here.

James Fox Co. founder, Karla Quiz and her beautiful daughters

James Fox Co. founder, Karla Quiz and her beautiful daughters