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DIY - Paint Splattered Shoes

Megan Sanderson1 Comment

This DIY is super easy and anyone can do it even if you don't have a creative bone in your body.

What you will need:
Pair of shoes, fabric paint, paintbrush, masking tape. Also something to put your paint in and this gets pretty messy so you might want to use a drop cloth or old newspaper.

Step One:
Use your masking tape to mask off the soles of the shoes, I also mask off the elastic. You can skip this step but I think it makes for a better finish.

Step Two:
Get your paint and brush. Cover your brush in a fair amount of paint. Aim your brush at the shoe and use short, strong flinging motions to get the paint onto the shoe, also tapping the brush while flinging helps. Remember you can always do a test run on some paper before you begin on the shoes.

Step Three:
When you are happy with the amount of paint on the shoe, leave to dry. Some fabric paint requires heat set so get out the hairdryers for this. When dry take off the masking tape.

Now go get foot loose...

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Enjoy. Melissa.