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DIY Little Madam Cushion

Megan SandersonComment

How adorable is this DIY Little Madam Cushion? When we came across this little craft we just knew it had to be shared with our readers! A huge Thank You to Teri from  The Lovely Drawer (check out her ETSY shop-She makes lovely prints!) and Clemence from Oh The Lovely Things  (such a fun blog!)

If you’ve been hunting for a statement cushion to pack a punch on your bed or sofa then this DIY is for you! I’ve acquired what can only be described as a frenzy of pattered cushions that often need something simple and yet striking to break them up before the headache kicks in. This is DIY is perfect for that. It couldn’t be much simpler to make and yet has buckets of impact. Those kinds of projects are always the best if you ask me! 

This project requires a select few materials to make, yay!

Plain white cushion cover and inner to fit

Black fabric paint

Paint brush
All purpose glue
Small sheet of card
Red sequin trim
Paper & scissors (optional)

Use a pencil to draw the eyelids on to the cushion cover to get an idea of where to place them. Measure in equally from the sides of the cushion cover with a ruler if you don’t feel confident doing it by eye. 

Slide your sheet of card into the cushion cover so it sits underneath the eyelids. The will prevent any fabric paint soaking through onto the other side.

Use your paintbrush to paint on the fabric paint. It’s fine to sweep the brush outwards as this gives a spontaneous look. Do it slowly if this sounds a bit scary and then leave to dry. 

Place some paper or another scrap of fabric over the top of the painted eyelids and iron over the top to fix the paint. If there are any creases in the fabric at this stage then iron those out too.

If it helps you can draw a template on some paper for the lips. 

Cut it out, position it as you want and draw around the edge onto the fabric.


Glue the drawn area and start filling it in by sticking down the sequins. Trace the edges first.

Then work your way into the middle and press down firmly to fix. Now you just need to stuff the cushion cover with your inner and find a home for this pretty new addition.