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Back To School Part I

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It's that time of year again! We would be lying if we said we weren't a little excited (actually, REALLY excited) for this season's Back To School Trends! 

On Lily: dress Misha Lulu

Photography: Stephanie Matthew

Styling: Heather Rome

All pieces (except Misha Lulu and Smafolk) are available at Shan and Toad

Salt City Emporium AW 2014

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We are so excited to share Salt City Emporium's new Fall collection that launches August 18th! The collection was inspired by a love for quirky creatures and a classic 80's movie that was very nostalgic for their generation. They have included several new silhouettes, fabrics, hand knitted accessories alongside their always amazing original hand illustrations. The collection ranges in colors from blacks, grays, maroons, stripes and metallic gold! The fabrics are softer than ever with several french terry's, cotton blends and wools. We are loving everything and can't wait to get our hands on a few pieces! Take a look at the collection below and let us know what you think.

La Fete DIY Party Hats

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Tutorial – Easy Partyhats
I had this idea for a while and finally came to make them, these super easy party hats. I think it would also make a great activity at a kids birthday party, decorating your own hat. At least we had lot’s of fun making and wearing them :)


what you'll need:

• (different) paper coffee or ice cups
• decoration materials – crayons, stickers, masking tape, googly eyes, glitter, stamps
• (colored) elastic cord or ribbon
• tassels & pom poms or some thread to make them yourself
• scissors or cutting knife
• glue
• crochet hook

Step 1 – decorate your hat
Start with the best part; decorate your hat. Draw on them with crayons, use different types of masking tape to create stripes. Sticky dots in bright colors make very cute dotted hats. Or try something fun like googly eyes. If you use stamps, make sure it dries first to avoid smudging.

Step 2 – top your hat

To make your hat extra festive, attach a tassel or pom pom on top of the hat.  Online you find loads of tutorials how to create them your self. To attach, pierce two little holes in the bottom of the cup. Pull the thread with the crochet hook through and make a knot in the inside 

Step 3 – attach elastic cord or ribbon

Pierce a hole on each side of the cup. Measure a piece of elastic cord or ribbon to match the hat & person who wears it. Don’t forget some extra length that is going through the inside of the cup. Pull the elastic cord through with the crochet hook on each side, making sure the two ends are inside the cup. Make a knot. If using ribbon, do it the other way around, and leave the ends hanging aside. We did find the elastic cord work best.

Step 4 – let’s party

You’re done. Let’s party!

Thank you so much Nora!

Check out Nora's Blog and party shop here!

Tybee @GrayBenko

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A few weekends ago the family and I, along with my friend Chassity and her kiddos, went to visit one of my oldest and dearest friends Meredith at her grandmother’s 110 year old beach house right on the very tip of Tybee Island, GA.  Old and meandering with 3 levels of rustic charm and porches that wrap around for days, this house is the stuff of dreams.  There is no air conditioning but ample humidity, so you feel like you’re slow roasting in an oven; yet somehow you don’t seem to mind because this place is 100% pure magic.  Between the three of us, with six children under the age of 5, things got a little crazy (as you can probably imagine) but the kids all had a sweaty, sandy, amazing time and we can’t wait to all do it again next year!  No photo would ever be able to do this house or our time there justice, but here is my humble attempt at capturing a little bit of the magic for you anyway…



Be sure to check out more from Gray and her beautiful family right here!

Georgie's Room- @littledwellings

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When designing Georgie's room I wanted to create a space that was fun yet
relaxing. When I was pregnant we decided to paint the walls in the soft
blue/light aqua (not knowing the sex of the baby we thought it was a colour
that could work both ways).

Since then Georgie has decided that she loves the colour pink. I wanted to incorporate it somewhere in the room and decided to paint the top of one wall with the soft pink zig zag pattern.  The colours in her room are soft pink, grey, light blue and gold - working
in harmony to create a beautiful space. Georgie loves her room & is often
found playing in there with her dollies, toys or reading a book. It is so
nice to see all my ideas over the years come together, but more importantly
it brings me great joy to watch Georgie enjoy being in her room.


Room credits:
-Pappiyon Designs custom design quilt cover
-Laura Blythman "love you big much" custom design artwork

Thank you so much!

Kate xx 


Motoreta AW 14/15

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Every season Motoreta creates a story, a them that envolves the idea behind of every

collection. We look for a refined selection of visual material with a deeper meaning. We enjoy

doing ourselft the photo shooting and creating the brand and life style concept of Motoreta.

The inspiration comes from architecture, art, fashion, from our surroundings, from our

own experience of living in the south of Spain. Almost every corner in old town of Seville is

full of beautiful and strong images, colours, dots, frills... elements with a strong presence in

the Andalusia traditional costumes which are reflected in some of our designs but from our

own point of view. These kind of interpretations are just fascinating for us. As an architects,

we are attracted also by geometrical shapes, plain colours and volumens.

In this AW1415 collection,


the cold colors are outside of

the garments: grey, black, dark brown or denim wrap and protect the kids from the winter.

Inside, like a second skin, yellow, pink, water blue, green... the colors that kid’s dreams are

made of.

Prince and the Baker

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"Prince and The Rabbit"

The end of summer is my favorite time of year. It can be blazing hot and muggy  or cool with a whisper of crisp air that signals that fall is soon to come. I celebrated a birthday this past Sunday ( no I don't tell my age !!),  which means a continuing celebration from Princeton's birthday which was 3 weeks ago! To be honest we are always celebrating, not just special occasions. Everyday!! I teach my son to appreciate every moment, all of them, the angry ones, the disappointing , the cheerful. We are a strong unit, each helping the other through life's adventures. A  recent mini adventure led us to the beautiful campus at Colby- Sawyer University . I thought what a perfect backdrop for our top fall picks from a well adored designer.

 Caroline Bosmans has become a fast favorite of mine. Her aw/14 collection is nothing short of amazing! I am always on the hunt for quality pieces that are timeless and expressive. One word comes to mind when I see her garments; Works of Art! I know, that's more than one, but you get my drift!
I had a hard time trying to focus on which pieces to choose to become staples in my little guys wardrobe. I could easily have one of everything! I think you will agree when you hold one of her knits. They are beautifully heavy weight, without being bulky. My little is particular about his knitted clothing, if it even seems " scratchy" as he calls it, he will not wear it. All I can say is that I need one set for me, so we can be twinning! The prints are fun and a bit edgy, while still allowing the spirit of the child to come through. Cozy, wearable, and cool! These rock and roll bunnies totally steal my heart. I know you will agree!

Caroline Bosmans and many more fabulous items can be procured at Mini x Style 

Photos and styling of the little rabbit are by Keira and all other images are from Tumblr.

Follow us for more style adventures @princeandthebaker

DIY Cactus Pillow

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First off I want to say a huge thank you to Mini for featuring my diy cactus pillow! This tutorial is easy to make and fun for any home. I hope you all enjoy this diy project and for more diy projects feel free to visit my personal blog, Everything Emily


sewing machine

1/2 yd. Fabric (washed, I always wash my fabric prior to using it)

1 yd. Yarn

thread (same color as fabric or close in color) 

needle (large enough to thread yarn thru) 


stuffing (you can find it at any craft store and even Walmart)

cardboard or something to create you pattern with 




You will want to create a pattern to the desired size and shape of cactus you are wanting. I did the basic cactus shape and basically free handed my drawing onto a manila folder. The folder was a perfect height for the size of pillow that I was going for. If you are having trouble drawing a cactus I recommend that you view this tutorial HERE

Next you will want to pin you pattern down onto your fabric and cut around it. If tracing your pattern is easier, feel free to trace your pattern onto your fabric. 

Be sure to secure your pins before cutting!

Now you should have something that looks like this... If the edges aren't perfect don't worry. You will sew about 1/4 of an inch in so they won't be seen!

Next you will want to pin your fabric so it stays in place when sewing and sew around the entire perimeter of the cactus leaving a small opening at the "stem" where you will insert your stuffing. Be sure to sew 1/4 of an inch in using a basic stitch. 

Your cactus should now look something like this... 

Trim any threads and turn your cactus inside out so the seams are hidden. 

Give the cactus a good ironing and begin stuffing your cactus. You will want the cactus to be pretty firm so put plenty of stuffing in it. And remember a little goes a long way with stuffing! 

After you stuff the cactus, sew up the bottom of the cactus. You can either hand stitch the bottom or run it under your machine like I did... Probably not the prettiest finish, but it will do.

Lastly you are going to want to create your "thorns" for your cactus. To do this you will need to thread a needle with a small piece of yarn (maybe 4in or so) thru the fabric. Leave a small amount of fabric between the holes (shown above) because you are going to tie the yarn in a double knot. 


Repeat this step for the entire cactus until you have the amount of "thorns" you want for your cactus. 

And that's it! Pretty easy huh!? Now it's time to show off your hard work! ;) 

Back-to-School Backpacks

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We can't believe that the first day of school is just around the corner and it's already time for back-to-school shopping! Didn't Summer just start?! At least shopping for new clothes and school supplies gets us excited for the first day of school! Beginning the school year with a new backpack stuffed full of fresh school supplies is always a highlight for little ones and we've spotted some fun styles for them to sport on their big day back...

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Room Tour @AleBesso

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 I  believe there is always something new to show, and details that we are currently using. I like the evolution from the last post. I created this space for my son, who is now two years and four months old. The idea was to create a fun place with geometric shapes using my favorite palette color of soft grey, blond wood, white and a touch of black.

Now every detail is functional and everything appears to be more organize but still fun. One of the toys my son really likes is the big silver ball, the wooden building blocks, and the chalkboard matrioskas. And one of the things I love most are the details of fish and jellyfish from the blanket and book.

The beautiful details would be the Hay gym hooks, the clothing rack, componibili bedside table, the eye print, and of course the plywood play-box.

Hope you can be inspire and create a fun place for your little ones.

- Ale


Macarons Winter 14/15

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Macarons is avant-garde Eco-Couture for babies and children from 0 -8 years. the young family-owned brand from stuttgart, Germany is pioneer in Eco-textile design according to the international Gots standard. macarons creates and develops all fabrics used for their innovative collections in Germany and switzerland.

Macarons’ production cycle is fully ecological and fair with tailoring ateliers in the south of Germany.
Clear timeless design, modern craftsmanship and the attention to details characterize the macarons collections. the precious unisex pieces for babies and children are always designed out of the per- spective of children to meet their needs of comfort and freedom. special structured surfaces in delicious multi-color combinations stimulate all senses.

Macarons constantly works with experts in Germany on new ways to improve and optimize their innovative Eco-textile creations. 

Have a look below at some of our favorite looks from their newest collection!